About PUBLIQ Brewing Co.

We are PUBLIQ (pronounced "public"), and our mission is simple — brew memorable craft beer, to demonstrate fierce loyalty to our customers, and be a force for positive change within our community. To accomplish this we will...

Brew memorable beer

We will brew and serve from our tap room classic ales and lagers, time-tested original beers, and craft small experimental batches to test the boundaries of what can be done with craft beer.

Reward loyalty

We will provide numerous opportunities to connect closely with our patrons and reward them for their loyalty through discounts and fun ways to say "thank you!"

Give to the community

We will commit to what we call a continual "high five," committed to donating 5% of our income towards charities — both ones within the community, and special needs that arise and capture our attention.

Promote civic involvement

We commit to participating actively within our community and enabling our patrons to do the same, providing connections for civic involvement and hosting special civic events for the greater good of our community.

When are we opening?

a snifter of beer

When are we opening?

The short answer is that we expect to open our doors within three years or so. With a great number of logistics to take care of, it may take us a bit to launch the brewery. But we're excited about the possibilities.

Setting the course

We're hard at work on our business plan, cost sheet analysis, projections, and all the other things we need to guide our decision-making. These analytical documents are the structure, foundation, and road map for our business and we want to get this right.

Funding the gig

Opening a brewery requires a great deal of capital — and the effort to acquire what we'll need is no small undertaking. In addition to acquiring private and public loans to purchase the equipment we need, we are also looking into two additional forms of funding:

  • Shareholders — we're presently seeking out legal counsel on the implications of this, but we will offer up to 40% in shares in the company, with a starting value of $1,000 per share.
  • Co-op style membership — we're also looking into putting a co-op style membership in place, where as a member you'd have access to significant discounts on beer and merchandise, access to member-only cask beer, and first dibs at tickets for special seasonal events at the brewery.

If you'd like more information about investing opportunities, contact Michael at michael @ public.mn.

Getting legit with the feds

And of course there is the process of licensure and becoming a legitimate entity and able to legally produce and serve beer in Minnesota. While I'd love to be able to sell beer right out of my house, I'd rather do it legally and out of the brewery instead. The wife would love me more for it.

How you can help us!

So what now?

There's a few things that you could do that would mean the world to us — simple things that will take a minute or two of your time and will help us towards our goals:

Follow us for updates

Stay connected with us on your favorite social networks:

Tell others about us

If you've got craft beer-loving friends and family, please take a moment to let them know about us. We'd greatly appreciate it!

Add us to your blogroll

If you're up for more in-depth updates as to what's going on in the brewery and the progress that we're making, follow our blog over at publiqbrewing.blogspot.com.

And for those who want to go deeper...

Consider volunteering to help us get the word out on the street with promo cards or promoting us on all your social networks. We'll take all the promotional help we can get. And if we see that you're really bringing in the follows for us, we will make it worth your while when we open our doors. It's written into our business plan: we reward loyalty!